Project Outputs

The OutsideIN project has delivered the following four main outputs:

  • The OutsideIn In-service training programme for adult educators introduces new didactic strategies for working with adult learners and also supports them to create online learning content in a simple step-by-step process. The Manual is available online through our E-learning. Please click here to enter and access our resources.
  • A learning toolbox comprising 16 mini-learning resources have been created promoting key competence development using open-source software programmes that aimed at developing competences in a fun and dynamic way. All of the resources are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Greek and can be accessed on the e-learning platform here.
  • The OutsideIN E-learning portal, available here at and was developed to support online learning for trainers and adult learners and hosts both the Training Manual and the Toolbox of mini-learning resources.
  • The OutsideIN Policy Paper examines the experience of the project partners in Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Greek and Malta during the implementation of project and makes a series of recommendations for policy change in terms of supporting the CPD of adult educators in terms of working with marginalised adult learners. The Policy Paper can be accessed here