Aims and Objectives

The OutsideIN project places its focus on marginalised adults and developed in-service training and educational materials and resources to support adult educators address the needs of the most difficult to access adult groups in terms of lifelong learning.

The project achieved this aim by:

  • supporting the professional development of adult educators working in the field of lifelong learning
  • designing new learning materials based on the needs of trainers and learners
  • marketing and promoting adult education services to marginalised groups through less formal approaches
  • hosting a series of community learning festivals in order to improve access to learning opportunities and materials
  • and, exploring accreditation, learning and progression pathways for marginalised groups in our communities.

The project designed and developed an in-service training course for adult education staff to build key skills to support their work with marginalised groups. All of the learning materials and resources developed as part of the project are available freely online and produced in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Greek.

Acrosslimits hosted a European training event for trainers and tutors in Malta in 2019 that offered practical, hands-on training supporting tutors and trainers to use and create informal and online training materials. As a result of this training, a series of new modular learning resources that can be broken down into small individual lessons with achievable learning outcomes for learners.